CharityData (Beta)


CharityData is a searchable version of the Charity Commission Register of Charities for England and Wales.

Explore the database

Here are just some of the ways you can search the database:


The nearest charities to any postcode in the country.


The charities with the largest income, those that spend the most, and those with the biggest reserves.


The latest charities to register.


Charities with the largest number of employees and volunteers.


Charities that have the largest number of trustees, or a trustee called Charity, or Hope or even Kevin.


Charities that mention digital in their objects, or whose website is a Facebook page.

Searching by location

As well as standard postcode searches, you can split the data in a number of different geographical ways. For example:


Charities that operate in any country, from the Republic of Ireland to North Korea.


The largest charities in London and those outside the capital.

Big cities

You can search the database through this website, or if you want to do more complex searches, or use the service on your own website, there is full-service API.

We're building a new Insights service - check it out and let us know what you think.

This service is currently in Beta, make sure you've read the about us page, and please send any feedback.