About the data on this website

Information published on this site is provided by the Charity Commission through the Open Government Licence v3.0.

There are some small differences between the Charity Commission's Register of Charities and this service:

For more extensive information on the data, please see the Charity Commission data definition webpage. Guidance on Annual Returns and Annual Accounts is also available.

How we get this data

Information for the CharityData website is obtained when the Charity Commission publishes a snapshot of the Register of Charities, usually around the 12th of each month. We endeavour to update the CharityData website in a timely fashion, usually within one week of the data being published, but make no guarantee to do so.

The Charity Commission has a Personal Information Charter that outlines how it uses personal data.

May we draw you to the following key sections:

Correcting wrong information

If there is any inaccurate information on this service, unless the source is specified as elsewhere, it will have come from the Charity Commission Register of Charities.

Because of the way we obtain the data from the Charity Commission, each update overrides all previous information. Therefore we specifically do not make edits to our database directly as these would be erased when the next snapshot is uploaded. If there is incorrect information, you should seek to get the information amended on the Register of Charities.

To update incorrect information, you should either contact:

  1. If you are not responsible for the charity, contact the named contact at the charity concerned, who will be responsible for updating the charity’s entry on the Register of Charities
  2. If you are responsible for the charity, contact the Charity Commission directly using the following methods:

If you want further help with the governance of your charity, you may want to become a member of the Small Charities Coalition who provide lots of practical help with setting up and running a small charity (under £1 million).

Hiding personal contact information

Where requested, we will remove personal contact information from the site (eg address details, phone numbers and emails) where these are obviously personal details, such as a private residence. Please contact us and explain why this information should be hidden.

It is worth saying that whilst the information is hidden from our site, it is still available on the charity’s listing on the Charity Commission website, which we link directly to from our page; and will also be available to any other services that make use of the Charity Commission data. If protecting your personal contact information is important to you, we would strongly recommend you make the necessary arrangements to remove it from the Register of Charities.

If we have hidden a charity’s contact details for the above reason, they will remain hidden until such time as we are made aware that the details on the Register of Charities have been updated.