CharityData (Beta)


CharityData has been created by Olly Benson using data supplied by the Charity Commission under an Open Government Licence.

The service is provided with no warranty for its availabilty or accuracy. Please note that the site is hosted at cost by Olly Benson and a fair usage agreement applies.

About the data

For more extensive information on the data, please see the Charity Commission data definition webpage. Guidance on Annual Returns and Annual Accounts is also available.

Service development

Short term development

The service is currently in beta, which means that there are parts of it that are still in development.

  1. Improve switch between search query and search results page
Medium term development
  1. Build on the refactored core search service, to improve and develop new functionality.
Long term development
  1. Allow charities to add additional data to their entry (ie social media channels)
  2. Move to more robust platform (eg Google App Engine)
  3. Automate the monthly update based on the data published from Charity Commission.

Similar services

There are a number of other websites that are also doing interesting things with the Charity Commission database. Here are the ones we know about:



If you have any comments or feedback about this service, please contact Olly Benson using the form below or tweet @ollybenson.

Please note, any inaccuracies in the data should be reported to the Charity Commission who supply the data, not to the email address above. Corrections will be made the next time the monthly data is published and then uploaded from the Charity Commission website.