Trustee gender

In an effort to understand more about trustee diversity we've have attempted to work out the gender of each member of every charity board in England and Wales.

Number of male trustees
Number of female trustees

In addition, there are 63,673 trustees whose gender we have not been able to determine, and 6,134 trustees that appear to be organisations.


  • These gender categories are generated automatically based on the title and name provided. Except where a gender-specific title is given, these are indicative only, based on common usage of a name. Names that could indicate either gender, but have a strong association with one gender, are indicated with an asterick. Whilst we are unable to amend individual records, feedback on the accuracy of the categorisation is welcome.
  • Trustees can be individuals or occassionally organisations. We have used common organisation terms to try and identify these, but there is no no easy way of automatically determining whether the name is an individual or organisation, which explains why some names may be localities or organisational names.

Some interesting stats: