Privacy Policy

As a site user

  1. Our site privacy policy is pretty straight forward. As a site user, we don't intentionally collect any identifiable information about you. We don't pass any information on to any third-party, and with the exception of the caveats below, we don't track or monitor your use of the site.
  2. We make use of Google Analytics to help understand how the site is used, and help us develop and improve the service, but we don't make use of tools that would allow us to track individual users.
  3. We do make use of some third-party code in support of our service. Whilst it is unlikely, third-party code could potentially contain malicious code that we are unaware of. We take no liability for any code used in the production of this site.
  4. As with every website, our server makes a record of every visit to the website, and this log contains an IP address that could potentially identify you as the person who visited this website. We only access the logs to check the performance of the service, and identify any errors. Our web service provider,, potentially could also access this information.
  5. As with any other website, if we are required by law to hand over any information that could potentially identify you, then as long as the request complies with requirements of the relevant legislation, then we would comply with that request.
For information about the data on this site, including how to correct or remove it, please see the about the data page.