This trust is responsible for Emergency Departments at the following hospitals:

    The trust may also have urgent care and minor injury units that are not listed above, but data from these units is included below.

    Live simulation

    Based on published data from NHS England and NHS Digital, this is a simulation of the realtime activity of Emergency Departments at NHS trusts within England.

    To be clear, this is not actual patient details but a representation based on published data.

    Current number of patients

    (Have arrived but not yet departed)


    New arrivals

    (Within last fifteen minutes)


    New arrivals by ambulance

    (Within last fifteen minutes)


    Recent admissions

    (Admission into hospital from ED within last hour)


    Arrivals each minute

    Most recent arrivals

    Age and gender profile

    Length of time since arrival

    Published data

    Below is the individual trust data that the simulation is based on. The majority of the data comes from the annual Hospital Accident & Emergency Activity, produced by NHS Digital. The monthly figures are taken from NHS England's A&E attendances and emergency admissions.

    Unless specificed otherwise, the data covers the financial year ending 31 March .

    Monthly Attendances

    Day of the week

    Hour of the day


    Age and method of arrival

    Method of disposal

    * NHS England has provides an explanation of the different ambulance category numbers used on this page.